Repurposed Wooden Crates

Repurposed Wooden Crate Decorating Ideas

Wooden crates have become increasingly popular in home decor, offering a unique blend of functionality and rustic charm. Whether you’re looking to repurpose old crates or purchase new ones, the possibilities for incorporating these versatile pieces into your home are endless. In this article, we will explore a variety of repurposed wooden crate decorating ideas that will add character and style to any space.

Key Takeaways:

  • Repurposed wooden crates provide a budget-friendly and environmentally-conscious way to decorate your home.
  • From built-in shelving to ottomans, storage solutions, and even coffee tables, wooden crates offer endless versatility.
  • By repurposing wooden crates, you can create unique and personalized home decor items that reflect your style.
  • Wooden crates can be found at flea markets, thrift stores, or even obtained for free from grocery or liquor stores.
  • Get creative and let your imagination run wild with these repurposed wooden crate decorating ideas.

Built-In Shelving

Looking for a stylish and cost-effective way to add storage and display space to your home? Look no further than built-in shelving using wooden crates. Whether you want to create a unique headboard in your bedroom or a stunning focal point around your television in the living room, wooden crates provide the versatility and charm you need.

Why Choose Wooden Crates?

Wooden crates are not only affordable, but they also offer a rustic appeal that complements various home decor styles. You can find them for around $10 each or even obtain them for free from local stores. These crates are sturdy, easy to work with, and can be customized to fit your desired dimensions.

An Affordable DIY Project

Creating built-in shelving with wooden crates is a straightforward DIY project that requires minimal tools and skills. Simply stack the crates in a configuration that suits your space, secure them together with screws or brackets, and mount them on the wall. It’s that easy!

Not only will these built-in shelves provide you with additional storage for books, decor items, and more, but they will also enhance the aesthetics of your room. The natural wood texture and rustic look of the crates add character and warmth to any space.

Add some creativity to your built-in shelving by arranging the crates in different orientations or painting them in bold colors for a pop of personality. You can even use the top surface of the crates as a display area for your favorite photographs, plants, or artwork.

So, why settle for ordinary shelves when you can create a unique and functional storage solution with wooden crates? Start your DIY project today and enjoy the versatility, affordability, and charm of built-in shelving.

Cushioned Ottoman

Looking to add a touch of vintage charm to your living room decor? Why not repurpose an old wooden milk crate and create a unique cushioned ottoman? This DIY project combines functionality and style, providing both extra seating and storage space.

To begin, find a vintage milk crate with a rustic look that suits your taste. You can often find these crates at flea markets or antique stores. Clean the crate thoroughly, removing any dirt or debris.

  1. Next, measure the dimensions of the crate’s interior to determine the size of your cushion. You can choose to make a single large cushion or multiple smaller cushions, depending on the aesthetic you prefer.

  2. Once you have your measurements, purchase or make a pillow-like cushion that fits snugly inside the crate. You can select a fabric that complements your existing decor, opting for colors and patterns that enhance the vintage appeal of the crate.

  3. Attach the cushion to the top surface of the crate, ensuring it is secure and comfortable to sit on. You can use a staple gun, adhesive, or even hand-stitching depending on your preference and skill level.

  4. With the cushion in place, the interior of the crate becomes the perfect storage space. Utilize this area to store blankets, pillows, magazines, or any other items you want to keep handy but out of sight.

Place your finished cushioned ottoman in your living room to add a cozy seating option with a rustic touch. Its vintage milk crate design will surely be a conversation starter among your guests.

cushioned ottoman

Little Car Storage

A wooden crate can be transformed into a cute and functional car storage for kids. By attaching cardboard mailing tubes inside the crate, it becomes a garage for toy cars. This project not only provides storage but also doubles as a fun toy for kids.

Little car storage

Imagine a storage solution that not only keeps your child’s toy cars organized but also sparks their imagination. With a wooden crate and some cardboard mailing tubes, you can create a miniature garage for their beloved vehicles.

To get started, find a sturdy wooden crate that suits the size of your child’s toy cars. You can repurpose an old crate or find one at a local thrift store. Make sure it’s clean and free from any sharp edges.

Next, gather some cardboard mailing tubes. Cut them to the desired length, ensuring they fit snugly inside the crate. These tubes will serve as individual parking spots for the toy cars.

Attach the cardboard mailing tubes inside the crate using strong adhesive or hot glue. Space them evenly to accommodate different sizes of toy cars. For added stability, you can reinforce the tubes by securing them with zip ties or small brackets.

Once the cardboard mailing tubes are securely in place, your little car storage is ready for action. Your child can now park their toy cars inside the tubes, keeping them neatly organized and easily accessible.

This DIY project not only provides a practical storage solution but also encourages imaginative play. The wooden crate garage adds a touch of charm to any kids’ room or play area, while fostering creativity and organization skills.

So why settle for ordinary toy storage when you can create a fun and functional garage for your child’s cars? Transform a wooden crate into a little car storage and watch their faces light up with joy.

Front Door Organizer

An old wooden crate can be transformed into a stylish and functional front door organizer. By adding hooks and stencil designs, this repurposed crate becomes the perfect solution for keeping keys, scarves, and other small items within easy reach as you enter or exit your home. Not only does it add a vintage touch to your entryway, but it also helps to keep your essentials organized.

With its rustic charm and practicality, the front door organizer made from an old crate is a great DIY project for those looking to add a unique and personalized element to their home decor. The hooks provide a convenient spot to hang your keys, ensuring you never misplace them again. Additionally, the stencil designs on the crate can add a touch of creativity and personality to your foyer.

Whether you live in a small apartment or a spacious house, a front door organizer made from an old crate is a versatile solution for any home. Not only does it help to keep your entryway tidy, but it also serves as a charming decor piece. Plus, repurposing an old crate is a sustainable way to give new life to a forgotten item.

To create your own front door organizer, start by finding an old wooden crate that suits your desired style. Clean and sand the crate, removing any rough edges or splinters. Next, attach hooks to the inside of the crate, spacing them out evenly to accommodate your items. Finally, use stencils and paint to add decorative designs or labels to the crate, personalizing it to match your home’s aesthetic.

With a front door organizer made from an old crate, you’ll never have to frantically search for your keys or scarf again. This simple yet effective storage solution adds a touch of nostalgia and functionality to your entryway, making it a must-have for any home.

Front door organizer

Benefits of a Front Door Organizer:

  • Keeps keys, scarves, and other small items within easy reach
  • Adds a vintage and functional touch to the entryway
  • Helps to keep the entryway tidy and organized
  • Personalized to match your home’s aesthetic
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly repurposing of an old crate

Transform your entryway with a front door organizer made from an old crate. With hooks for your keys and a personalized design, this DIY project combines functionality with style, adding a unique touch to your home decor.

Rustic Nightstand

Looking for a unique and charming addition to your bedroom or living room decor? Why not repurpose an old wooden crate into a rustic nightstand or side table?

To create your rustic nightstand, simply place the wooden crate on its side. This creates a sturdy base and gives the crate a new purpose. You can find old wooden crates at flea markets, thrift stores, or even ask local grocery or liquor stores if they have any available.

Once the crate is positioned horizontally, you can add a cube shelf from the dollar store to provide additional storage space inside the crate. This is perfect for storing books, magazines, or other small essentials. The cube shelf can easily be inserted inside the crate, creating a neat and organized solution.

To enhance the rustic charm of your nightstand, consider adding some decorative elements. You can wrap the crate with burlap or lace, bringing a touch of elegance and texture to the piece.

Rustic nightstand

The repurposed wooden crate nightstand not only adds a unique and rustic flair to your space but also offers a functional surface for your bedside essentials, such as a lamp, books, or a glass of water.

Give your room a cozy and personal touch with this creative DIY project. The rustic nightstand is not just a functional piece of furniture but also serves as a conversation starter and a testament to your creativity.

Corner Bookshelves

Looking to add a touch of rustic charm to your home decor? Consider creating corner bookshelves using stacked wooden crates. This simple and affordable DIY project is a great way to add functional storage and display space to any room.

To get started, gather a few wooden crates of the same size. These crates can be easily found at flea markets or thrift stores. You can also repurpose old crates or use new ones for a more polished look. Choose crates that fit well together when stacked to create a stable structure.

Once you have your crates, begin by stacking them in a corner of your room. To secure the crates together, use metal clamps or brackets. This will ensure that the bookshelves remain sturdy and safe.

Once the crates are securely stacked, you can start arranging your books and knick-knacks on the shelves. The open design of the crates allows for easy access to your items and adds a rustic touch to your space.

To add a finishing touch to your corner bookshelves, consider painting or staining the crates to match your existing decor. You can also add decorative elements such as plants or picture frames to personalize the shelves.

Not only do these corner bookshelves provide a functional storage solution, but they also serve as a unique statement piece in any room. Whether you place them in your living room, bedroom, or home office, these stacked wooden crates will add a touch of rustic elegance to your decor.

Corner Bookshelves

So why wait? Get creative and start transforming your corner spaces into stylish and functional bookshelves. Explore the possibilities of repurposing wooden crates and enjoy the rustic charm they bring to your home.

Mud Room Rack

Are you tired of dealing with cluttered mud rooms and entryways? Look no further than a DIY mud room rack made from wooden crates. With this simple and stylish storage solution, you can keep your shoes, boots, scarves, and jackets organized and easily accessible.

Wooden crates provide the perfect foundation for creating a customized mud room rack. Simply stack the crates vertically by the back door or set them up inside your mud room. The sturdy construction of the crates ensures they can withstand the demands of daily use, while their rustic charm adds a touch of warmth to your space.

With the mud room rack, you’ll no longer have to worry about tripping over scattered shoes or searching for your favorite scarf in a pile of winter gear. Everything will have its designated place, making it easier for you and your family to grab what you need when heading out the door.

Mud room rack

As you can see, this mud room rack made from wooden crates offers a simple and effective storage solution. You can easily customize it by adding hooks or labels to each crate, further enhancing its functionality.

So why settle for a cluttered mud room when you can create a stylish and organized space? Give your entryway a makeover with a DIY mud room rack made from wooden crates.

Decorative Toy Storage

Looking for a creative and colorful way to organize your child’s toys? Look no further! With a few wooden crates and a splash of paint, you can create decorative toy storage units that are both functional and fun.

Decorative toy storage

Start by selecting wooden crates in various sizes. You can find these crates at your local craft store or repurpose old fruit crates for a vintage touch. Once you have your crates, it’s time to get creative with colors!

Choose vibrant hues that match your child’s room decor or go for a rainbow effect with different colors for each crate. You can use acrylic paint or spray paint for a smooth and even finish. Get the kids involved in the painting process, making it a fun and interactive activity!

Once the paint is dry, arrange the crates in a way that suits your space. You can stack them vertically or horizontally, creating different configurations that add visual interest to the room.

Now, it’s time to put the toy storage to use. Label each crate with a specific category of toys, such as dolls, cars, or art supplies, using chalkboard tags or vinyl decals. This will make it easier for your child to find and put away their toys independently.

The open design of the wooden crates allows for easy access to the toys while keeping them neatly organized. Plus, the colorful crates add a playful touch to the room’s decor, making it a space that sparks joy and creativity.

Decorative toy storage made from wooden crates not only helps you keep clutter at bay but also adds a personalized touch to your child’s space. So gather your supplies, unleash your creativity, and transform ordinary wooden crates into a vibrant and practical storage solution!

Filing Cabinet with Sliding Drawers

Looking for a budget-friendly and organized way to store documents and other items? Repurposing wooden crates into a filing cabinet with sliding drawers is the perfect DIY project for you. Not only does it provide a functional alternative to traditional filing cabinets, but it also allows you to customize the storage space according to your specific needs.

Wooden crates offer a rustic charm that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your workspace. By repurposing them into a filing cabinet, you can create a unique piece of furniture that adds character to your office or home. The sliding drawers make it easy to access your files and keep everything organized.

Whether you need a small filing cabinet for personal use or a larger one for your business, wooden crates can be easily transformed to fit the dimensions you desire. You can stack the crates vertically or horizontally and secure them together to create a sturdy structure.

With a little creativity and some basic tools, you’ll have a filing cabinet that not only meets your storage needs but also stands out as a stylish and functional addition to your space. So, why settle for a standard filing cabinet when you can repurpose wooden crates to create something unique?

Filing cabinet with sliding drawers

DIY Coffee Table

Create a unique and functional coffee table using four wooden crates. This DIY project allows you to add storage space to your living room while adding a rustic and personalized touch to your decor. By adding plywood and staining or painting the crates, you can customize the coffee table to match your style and color scheme.

Start by stacking the four wooden crates on top of each other, ensuring they are aligned properly. Then, secure the crates together using screws or nails. Next, measure and cut a piece of plywood to fit the top of the crates. Attach the plywood to the crates using screws.

Once the structure is secure, you can choose to stain or paint the wooden crates and the plywood top to match your desired look. This allows you to coordinate the coffee table with the existing furniture in your space or create a standout statement piece.

The storage space within the crates provides a convenient place to store books, magazines, or extra blankets. You can also use decorative baskets or bins inside the crates for further organization. This coffee table not only serves as a centerpiece in your living room but also adds functionality and storage to your space.

DIY coffee table

Elevate your living room with a DIY coffee table made from wooden crates. This project combines style, functionality, and storage to create a one-of-a-kind piece for your home. Whether you choose to leave the wood natural for a rustic look or paint it to match your decor, this DIY coffee table is sure to become a conversation starter.


Repurposing wooden crates is a fantastic way to add creativity, charm, and functionality to your home decor. These versatile and cost-effective DIY projects allow you to unleash your creativity and transform simple wooden crates into unique furniture pieces and storage solutions.

By repurposing wooden crates, you not only create visually appealing home decor but also contribute to sustainable living by reusing materials. It’s a win-win situation that allows you to beautify your space while reducing waste.

From built-in shelving to ottomans, nightstands, and more, repurposed wooden crates offer endless possibilities for enhancing your home decor. With a little imagination and some basic tools, you can turn these humble crates into functional and stylish pieces that fit your personal style.

So, why not give repurposed wooden crate DIY projects a try? Get inspired, gather your materials, and let your creativity shine as you transform ordinary wooden crates into extraordinary home decor that reflects your unique taste and personality!


What are repurposed wooden crate decorating ideas?

Repurposed wooden crate decorating ideas involve using wooden crates in creative ways to add functionality and charm to your home decor. They can be used to create built-in shelving, ottomans, storage solutions, nightstands, bookshelves, and more.

Where can I find wooden crates for decorating?

Wooden crates can be found inexpensively at flea markets and thrift stores. They can also be obtained for free from grocery or liquor stores.

How much do wooden crates cost?

Wooden crates can be purchased for around $10 each, or they can be obtained for free from certain stores.

What can I use wooden crates for?

Wooden crates can be used for various purposes, such as creating built-in shelving units, ottomans, storage solutions, nightstands, bookshelves, and more. They offer versatility in decorating.

How do I repurpose a wooden crate into an ottoman?

To repurpose a wooden crate into an ottoman, you can upholster the top with a cushion and use the storage space inside the crate to store blankets or other items. This adds a rustic and vintage touch to your living room decor.

What can I use wooden crates for in a child’s room?

Wooden crates can be used to create a car storage for kids by attaching cardboard mailing tubes inside the crate. They can also be painted in different colors and used as decorative toy storage units for organizing toys in a child’s room or playroom.

How can I repurpose a wooden crate into a front door organizer?

You can repurpose a wooden crate into a front door organizer by adding hooks and stencil designs. This organizer is perfect for keeping keys, scarves, and other small items within easy reach, adding a vintage and functional touch to the entryway.

Can wooden crates be used as nightstands or side tables?

Yes, by placing an old wooden crate on its side, it can be used as a rustic nightstand or side table. You can also add a cube shelf from the dollar store inside the crate for additional storage space.

How can I create corner bookshelves with wooden crates?

Stacking wooden crates and securing them with metal clamps can easily create rustic corner bookshelves. These bookshelves provide storage and display space for books and knick-knacks, adding a rustic touch to any room decor.

What can I use wooden crates for in a mud room?

Wooden crates can be used to create a customized mud room rack for storing shoes, boots, scarves, and jackets. They can be placed by the back door or set up inside the mud room, offering a practical and stylish storage solution for organizing outdoor essentials.

How can I repurpose wooden crates into a filing cabinet?

Wooden crates can be repurposed into a filing cabinet with sliding drawers. This offers a budget-friendly and organized way to store documents and other items. The filing cabinet can be customized to meet your specific storage needs.

How can I create a DIY coffee table with wooden crates?

Four wooden crates can be used to create a unique and functional coffee table with storage space. By adding plywood and staining or painting the crates, this DIY project adds a rustic and personalized touch to your living room decor.

What are the benefits of repurposing wooden crates for decorating?

Repurposing wooden crates offers a wide range of creative and cost-effective decorating ideas for your home. It not only adds versatility and rustic charm to your space but also contributes to sustainable living by reusing materials.

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