Upcycled Home Accents

Creative Upcycling Ideas for Eco-Friendly Home Decor

Are you looking for creative ways to spruce up your home while also reducing waste? Look no further! In this article, we will explore a variety of upcycling ideas that will add style and sustainability to your space. From repurposing candle containers to transforming old ladders, these creative ideas will inspire you to create a unique and environmentally conscious home.

Key Takeaways:

  • Upcycling is a fun and sustainable way to transform your home decor.
  • Repurposing candle containers can create a stylish DIY herb garden.
  • Old wooden ladders can be turned into elegant ladder shelves.
  • Glass or ceramic candle containers can be used as simple bathroom counter organizers.
  • Empty wine bottles can become decorative lamps for your home.

DIY Herb Garden: Repurposing Candle Containers

One creative upcycling idea is to repurpose ceramic candle containers into planting pots for a DIY herb garden. The candle containers can be cleaned and filled with soil, turning them into stylish and functional planters. This is a great way to bring life to your kitchen or windowsill while reducing waste. Plus, candles like the ones from the Marbella Collection come with wildflower seed paper and a tray, making them perfect for creating a potted garden.

Repurposing Candle Containers as Planters

If you have empty ceramic candle containers lying around, don’t throw them away just yet. Instead, repurpose them into charming planting pots for your very own DIY herb garden. Start by cleaning out any remaining candle wax and residue from the containers. Once they are clean, you can proceed to fill them with nutrient-rich soil.

When choosing candle containers for this project, opt for ones that are deep enough to accommodate the roots of herbs. The containers should also have drainage holes to prevent waterlogging. If your candle containers do not have drainage holes, you can drill a few small holes in the bottom to ensure proper drainage.

Creating a Stylish and Functional Herb Garden

By repurposing candle containers, you can create a herb garden that not only adds a touch of greenery to your space but also doubles as stylish decor. Consider grouping several candle containers together to create a visually appealing arrangement of different herbs.

You can label each container using small garden stakes or decorative tags to identify the herbs you are growing. This way, you can easily distinguish between different herbs like basil, mint, rosemary, or parsley.

Remember to place your DIY herb garden near a window or in a sunny spot where your plants can receive adequate sunlight. Also, make sure to water your herbs regularly and provide them with the necessary care they need to thrive.

Not only does repurposing candle containers into herb planters reduce waste, but it also adds a unique and eco-friendly touch to your kitchen or windowsill. You’ll enjoy fresh herbs for cooking, and your space will be filled with the delightful scent of herbs.

So, gather those empty candle containers and embark on a DIY herb garden project. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to repurpose them into functional and beautiful planting pots. Start growing your own herbs today and enjoy the benefits of having a DIY herb garden at your fingertips.

Elegant Ladder Shelves: Repurposing Old Wooden Ladders

If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance and creativity to your home decor while being environmentally conscious, repurposing old wooden ladders into elegant ladder shelves is the perfect upcycling idea. With just a few simple materials like a ladder, wooden planks, screws, and L brackets, you can transform an old ladder into a unique shelving unit that adds character to any room.

To begin, start by selecting a sturdy wooden ladder that is in good condition. If necessary, sand and clean the ladder to remove any dirt or debris. Next, determine the desired height and width for your shelves and cut the wooden planks accordingly. Make sure the planks fit securely on the ladder rungs.

Once you have your wooden planks ready, attach them to the ladder using screws and L brackets. This will ensure stability and durability. You can position the shelves evenly or create an asymmetrical design, depending on your preference and the available space.

After attaching the shelves, consider enhancing the appearance of the ladder shelves by sanding and staining the wood. This step can give the shelves a vintage or beachy look, depending on your style preference. A light, natural stain can bring out the natural beauty of the wood, while a darker stain can add a touch of sophistication.

Now that your elegant ladder shelves are complete, it’s time to adorn them with your favorite books, plants, and decor items. Use the shelves to showcase your personal style and add visual interest to your living room, bedroom, or bathroom. The unique design of the ladder shelves will be a conversation starter and a standout feature in your home.

elegant ladder shelves

Simple Bathroom Counter Organizers: Repurposing Glass or Ceramic Candle Containers

To keep your bathroom counters organized and stylish, why not repurpose glass or ceramic candle containers? These versatile containers, once cleaned of wax residue, can be transformed into functional and decorative organization tools. By giving them a new purpose, you not only reduce waste but also add a unique touch to your bathroom decor.

After enjoying the beautiful aroma and warm glow of your favorite candle, it’s time to repurpose the container. Clean out any remaining wax using hot water and gentle soap. Once the container is clean and dry, it’s ready to be used as a convenient storage solution for small bathroom essentials.

simple bathroom counter organizers

One creative way to repurpose these candle containers is to use them as cups to hold toothbrushes, q-tips, or other small items. Placing your bathroom essentials in these upcycled containers not only keeps them organized but also adds a touch of elegance to your space. For example, the She Inspires candle container, with its sleek design and quality craftsmanship, makes a perfect bathroom counter organizer.

By repurposing candle containers, you not only contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle but also create a bathroom decor element that reflects your personal style. These simple bathroom counter organizers combine functionality and aesthetics, enhancing the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

So, give new life to your candle containers and create a clutter-free bathroom counter with style. Start your upcycling journey today and enjoy an organized and eco-friendly bathroom.

Decorative Wine Bottle Lamps: Repurposing Empty Wine Bottles

Looking for a unique way to add warmth and character to your home decor? Look no further than decorative wine bottle lamps. With just a few simple steps, you can transform empty wine bottles into stunning lighting pieces that will enhance any indoor or outdoor space.

To create these beautiful lamps, you have a couple of options. One option is to place string lights inside the bottle, illuminating it from within and creating a soft, enchanting glow. Another option is to drill a small hole in the side of the bottle and insert a bulb, adding a unique lighting effect.

To take your wine bottle lamps to the next level, consider hanging them from the ceiling with light bulbs in the center. This creates a captivating display and adds an artistic touch to any room. The combination of the illuminated bottles and the gentle sway of the hanging lamps creates a cozy and whimsical ambiance.

decorative wine bottle lamps

Decorative wine bottle lamps are not only visually appealing but also an excellent way to repurpose empty wine bottles. By giving these bottles a new life as stunning lighting fixtures, you are contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle and reducing waste.

Whether you’re looking to create a cozy corner in your living room, a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom, or an inviting outdoor space, wine bottle lamps are the perfect solution. So why not unleash your creativity and transform those empty wine bottles into decorative pieces that will captivate and inspire.

Eclectic Jewelry Stands: Repurposing Kitchen Graters or Picture Frames

Looking for a creative and unique way to display your jewelry? Consider repurposing old kitchen graters or broken picture frames to create eclectic jewelry stands. Not only will these upcycled pieces add a touch of personality to your bedroom decor, but they also provide a functional storage solution for your accessories.

An old kitchen grater can be easily transformed into a one-of-a-kind jewelry stand. Start by cleaning the grater thoroughly, removing any dirt or rust. Then, apply a fresh coat of paint in your favorite color. Once dry, hang your earrings and necklaces from the different-sized holes in the grater. This repurposed kitchen grater not only adds a whimsical touch to your space but also keeps your jewelry organized and easily accessible.

If you have a broken picture frame lying around, don’t toss it just yet. Instead, turn it into a DIY earring stand. Here’s how: Gather some wire, a staple gun, and the broken picture frame. Remove the glass and backing from the frame if necessary. Staple the wire horizontally across the backside of the frame, evenly spacing them apart. Now, you have a unique earring stand where you can hang your earrings in style.

eclectic jewelry stands

These repurposed jewelry stands not only showcase your accessories but also give new life to old and unused items. They are an excellent way to add a touch of creativity and sustainability to your bedroom decor while keeping your jewelry organized and within reach. Give these upcycling ideas a try and transform your space with eclectic and functional jewelry stands.

Whimsical Home Office: Repurposing Empty Glass Candle Vessels

Transform your home office into a whimsical space by repurposing empty glass candle vessels. These versatile vessels can be utilized in various ways, adding charm and functionality to your workspace.

One creative idea is to repurpose them as pencil cups, providing a stylish and organized storage solution for your pens, markers, and stationery. By placing these candle vessels on your desk or shelf, you can easily access your writing tools while adding a touch of personality to your workspace.

Another inventive way to repurpose glass candle vessels is by incorporating them as decorative lights on your desk or windowsill. These vessels can hold small LED lights or fairy lights, creating a soothing and whimsical ambiance in your home office. The soft glow emitted by the lights will enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your workspace, making it a more inviting and inspiring environment.

For an extra touch of inspiration, consider repurposing candles like the She Inspires collection. Emblazoned with empowering words and quotes, these candles can continue to inspire you even after the wax has burned out. Placing them in the empty glass vessels adds a personal touch to your workspace while promoting sustainability.

Repurposing empty glass candle vessels for your home office is not only an environmentally friendly option but also a creative way to infuse style and character into your workspace. So, gather those empty vessels, let your imagination soar, and create a whimsical home office that is uniquely yours.

whimsical home office

Unique T-Shirt Produce Bags: Repurposing Old T-Shirts

Don’t throw away those old t-shirts just yet! Instead of adding to the landfill, why not give them a new purpose? Repurposing old t-shirts into unique and eco-friendly produce bags is a fantastic way to reduce waste and promote sustainability in your everyday life.

With a few simple steps, you can transform your old t-shirts into reusable bags for grocery shopping or visiting farmers’ markets. Start by cutting off the sleeves and neckline of the t-shirt, leaving the bottom intact to serve as the bag’s base. Then, stitch the bottom closed to create a seamless bag.

unique t-shirt produce bags

The best part about these t-shirt produce bags is their versatility. They are not only great for carrying fruits and vegetables, but they can also be used to tote other items like books, clothes, or beach essentials. Plus, their unique designs and patterns add a touch of style to your shopping trips.

By repurposing old t-shirts, you are not only reducing the use of plastic bags but also giving a new life to something that would have otherwise been discarded. It’s a win-win situation for the environment and your wardrobe!

So don’t let those old t-shirts go to waste. Get creative, grab a needle and thread, and start repurposing them into eco-friendly produce bags. You’ll be amazed at what a little DIY magic can do!

Upcycled Can Planters: Repurposing Metal Cans or Candle Vessels

Looking to add an eco-friendly touch to your garden or indoor space? Consider upcycling metal cans or empty candle vessels into unique and charming planters. This creative and sustainable idea not only reduces waste but also adds a touch of personality to your greenery.

Instead of purchasing plastic seed containers, repurpose metal cans from beans or vegetables as planters. Not only are metal cans readily available, but they also provide a sturdy and durable base for your plants to thrive. Simply clean the cans, drill drainage holes in the bottom, add some potting soil, and transplant your favorite flowers or herbs.

If you prefer a more elegant option, repurpose ceramic or glass candle vessels as planters. These beautiful and decorative containers add a touch of sophistication to any space. For example, the upcycled can plantersLiberte Pot Candle is designed to be enjoyed as a flower pot once the wax is gone. With its wildflower seed paper included, you can even create a mini wildflower garden in your home.

Whether you choose metal cans or candle vessels, upcycling these items into planters allows you to showcase your green thumb while promoting sustainability and giving new life to everyday objects.


Upcycling is a fantastic way to bring creativity and sustainability into your home decor. By repurposing old items and reducing waste, you can transform your space with unique and eco-friendly accents. From repurposing candle containers to creating ladder shelves, there are endless possibilities for upcycling. Embracing this practice not only adds style to your home but also contributes to a more sustainable future.

By incorporating upcycled home accents, you can give new life to everyday objects and create a personalized touch in your home. These creative upcycling ideas not only reduce waste but also showcase your commitment to eco-friendly home decor. Whether it’s turning old candle containers into herb planters or repurposing wooden ladders into shelving units, upcycling allows you to combine style and sustainability.

So, why not get started on your upcycling journey today? Explore your home for potential upcycling projects, unleash your creativity, and make your home decor more unique and environmentally friendly. By embracing upcycling, you’ll not only create a space that reflects your personality but also make a positive impact on the planet. So, let your imagination run wild and let your upcycled home accents become a testament to your commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle.


What is upcycling?

Upcycling is a creative and sustainable approach to transforming old items into new and useful products, reducing waste in the process.

Why should I consider upcycling for my home decor?

Upcycling allows you to add unique and eco-friendly accents to your home while contributing to a more sustainable future.

What are some examples of creative upcycling ideas?

Examples include repurposing candle containers into planting pots, transforming old ladders into elegant ladder shelves, using glass or ceramic candle containers as bathroom organizers, turning wine bottles into decorative lamps, repurposing kitchen graters or picture frames into jewelry stands, repurposing glass candle vessels for a whimsical home office, creating produce bags from old t-shirts, and using metal cans or candle vessels as planters for flowers or herbs.

How can I repurpose ceramic candle containers for a DIY herb garden?

Clean the candle containers and fill them with soil to create stylish and functional planters for an indoor herb garden.

Can old wooden ladders be repurposed into shelves?

Yes, by using a ladder, wooden planks, screws, and L brackets, you can create unique and elegant ladder shelves to showcase books, plants, and decor items.

How can I repurpose glass or ceramic candle containers for bathroom organization?

After cleaning out the wax, these containers can be used as cups to hold toothbrushes, q-tips, or other small items, adding a stylish touch to your bathroom decor.

How can I turn empty wine bottles into decorative lamps?

You can either place string lights inside the bottle or drill a small hole in the side for a unique lighting effect. Hanging the wine bottles from the ceiling with light bulbs in the center also creates a creative lighting solution.

Can kitchen graters or picture frames be repurposed into jewelry stands?

Yes, an old kitchen grater can be cleaned, painted, and used to hang earrings and necklaces. A broken picture frame can be turned into a DIY earring stand by using wire and a staple gun.

How can empty glass candle vessels be repurposed for a whimsical home office?

These vessels can be used as pencil cups or decorative lights on your desk or windowsill, adding personality and sustainability to your workspace.

How can old t-shirts be repurposed into produce bags?

By cutting and stitching the fabric, you can create reusable produce bags for grocery shopping or visiting farmers’ markets, reducing plastic waste.

Can metal cans or candle vessels be used as planters?

Yes, metal cans from beans or vegetables can be repurposed as planters for flowers or herbs. Ceramic or glass candle vessels also make beautiful planters.

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